Quality @Cosmolaser

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Quality @Cosmolaser

Quality being the core value, the dedicated Quality Team at Cosmolaser ensures that it provides the highest quality services to our patients and strive for continuous improvements. Our delivery models, protocols & policies are constantly audited as well as reviewed from time to time to keep pace with the dynamic environment.

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Robust policies & protocols which are standardized are mandated for the clinics. This ensures ensure 100% sterile clinic for staff, patients & attendants. These policies & protocols have been enhanced 3x to formulate the New Safety Protocols to make our clinics safest in the world.


Bi-monthly Quality Audits & Mock Drills to ensure complete implementation of clinical SOPs by Dental Assistants. This includes review of adequacy and quality of PPE to follow set protocols.


Patient records are digitized and stored in a highly secured and encrypted in-house electronic system (or Patient Record Software). The records can be accessed only by senior doctors at the clinic.


All clinic staff undergo mandatory and regular extensive training on new introductions of recent techniques with a view to enhance professional competence in clinical procedures and the infection control practices as laid down by WHO.

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